Under Hamelin Hill - 1992

Chamber Organ (one-three Players)

Commissioned by Charles Armstrong and The Gentlemen of St John's

Programme Notes

Based on the story of the Pied Piper, Under Hamelin Hill is an exuberant invention for chamber organ: the Preambulum a right-hand moto perpetuo over punchy, teasing rhythms for the left hand; the Fuga a surprise as two further players, drawn by the piping, come on to join the first players; the Arietta a long, descending sigh over mysterious rumbles.


Past Performances

  • July 29 1992
    Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral, Ely, United Kingdom
    Charles Armstrong, James Martin
  • April 3 1998
    BBC Radio 3, , United Kingdom
    David Goode, Stephen Farr
  • July 27 2000
    BBC Radio 3, , United Kingdom
  • February 11 2001
    Great Hall, King's College Cambridge, United Kingdom
    King's College Musical Society
  • June 22 2001
    Spitalfields Festival, London, United Kingdom
    David Goode, Stephen Darlington, tbc
  • April 23 2015
    Cultural and Information Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
    Martin Draušnik, Jasmina Belošević, Filip Horvat, Ivan Bosnar
  • August 20 & 22-23 2015
    Syddansk Musikkonservatorium og Skuespillerskole, Odense, Denmark
    Esbjerg Ensemble, Thomas Sauer

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